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    Your smartphone can make your life easier!

    Bet you already knew and agreed with how smartphones are designed to make life easier for humans. They let you connect with people sitting miles away. You can view memories from your first date, first hiking experience and that beautiful sunset or the time you looked like a movie star. A smartphone can let you perform all the functions of a computer while on the move. Not just this, your smartphone can help you create a better lifestyle with its smart functions called Applications. Here are a few ways your smartphone can keep you aligned with your day-to-day activities.

    Headway Headway

    Drinking Water

    Are you someone (like us) who forgets to take their daily liquid intake? Multiple apps can help you keep track of your water consumption and even send you reminders. Apps like The Daily Water Tracker Reminder, My Water, WaterMinder, Aqualert, Drink Water Reminder, and My Water & Drink Reminder are a few that have been rated the best by users. Many others suit your goals. You can customize your reminder frequency and your intake as per your body weight and daily exercise rate.


    Productivity Enhancement

    Are you someone that is struggling with setting your timetable and achieving your daily goals? Then you need productivity apps in your life. Apps like Productivity Challenge Timer, Todoist, Evernote, Forest, Freedom, and Habitica help you set your goals and habits. You can track your progress and earn points for every activity that you complete. These apps keep you on track and help you streamline your personal as well as your professional tasks for the day.


    Often when we are focussing on work, we forget to keep our mental health in check. Although we should not rely on apps to take care of us, they can act as a boost. Some apps help you take a breather and even meditate. Apps like Headspace, Calm, Happify, Sanvello, and iBreathe can help you practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Moodnotes and Gratitude are the apps that help you journal your daily moods and reflect on your mental health. You can even use apps like Finch, a fun interactive app that keeps you positive throughout the day.


    Becoming Multilingual

    A lot of us love to travel internationally and learn about different cultures. Learning the country’s language allows you to interact with the local people. Even if you are not planning to travel and learning languages excite you, you do not have to pay or join different institutions to do so. Your phone’s got you covered! Duolingo is one of the most loved apps that help you learn languages such as Spanish, German, Chinese, Greek, Irish, Polish, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, and many more. Other apps such as Quizlet, busuu, Memrise, Babbel, and HelloTalk can help you learn over 200 languages at your own pace. So the next time you want to start watching Anime again and want to understand what’s being said, download any of these!


    Learning should never stop! If you are someone who believes in this mantra but does not have the time to join a course, you can do that from your phone. Google is the best teacher, but some apps focus solely on certain topics and skills. Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Amazon Kindle, YouTube, TED, Tinycards, and Brilliant are some of the applications that focus on different kinds of learning. From general knowledge to getting in-depth comprehension of a topic, you can discover many ways to upgrade yourself on these apps.



    Smartphones can be used to do a lot more than we can anticipate. In this busy life that we lead, we can leverage this technology. With multiple such applications available, we do not have to worry about setting habits and achieving our goals. Just click on download now and get started!

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