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    6 Easy home remedies for the worst hangover of all time

    The unwanted side effect of enjoying the parties a bit too much? Well, now you don't have to suffer hangovers the following day with these top 6 tried and tested home remedies.

    How to cure hangovers at home How to cure hangovers at home

    6 Easy home remedies for the worst hangover of all time

    "I'm never getting so drunk again." How often have you made this resolution every morning after chilling at a night's party? You woke up with a spinning head, dried throat, and feeling nauseous. Well! It's time to get over the phase of false promises and find the home remedies for a hangover, so you won't regret drinking too much.

    How to cure hangovers at home How to cure hangovers at home

    Here are the top-rated 6 home remedies to get rid of the hangover blues -

    1: Drink Water to Avoid Dehydration

    When you drink alcohol, you may urinate more frequently because it acts as a diuretic. An important cause of hangover symptoms is dehydration. The desert-level thirst that wakes you up in the early hours of the morning is an indication that you're hungover. Drinking alcohol can upset the balance between how much water you take in and how much you lose.

    Throughout the day, stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water before heading to bed if you know you'll be drinking that night. Drink as much water as you can if you wake up with a hangover. Taking little sips every now and then will help.

    2: Get Your Fill of Antioxidants

    The pantry and refrigerator are likely to contain antioxidant-rich foods even if you're not in the mood to go shopping. When you drink alcohol, you are likely to experience oxidative stress caused by antioxidants. Foods such as berries, carrots, spinach, ginger, dark chocolate, nuts or seeds, pomegranates, and more can help reduce the negative effects of alcohol and ease hangover symptoms. Stock up on antioxidant foods before you start drinking at night if you know you'll be drinking.

    3: Caffeine To The Rescue But With Precaution

    While tackling a hangover with coffee, tea, and other drinks that include caffeine, you should stay hydrated, as caffeine-based products are also diuretics. Also, you may be able to make it through a workday with the help of these stimulants.

    4: Take Your Beauty Sleep

    Sleep! The best solution to all woes. Although napping may not be an option for everyone, especially if you have work or parenting obligations ahead, it's one of the easiest ways for your body to heal.

    5: Eat a Hearty Breakfast

    A simple yet effective hangover remedy is food, which can help replenish the nutrients lost during a night out. If nausea is one of your symptoms, you may want to wait to eat anything substantial until your stomach feels less queasy. To ease dehydration and get some calories back into your body, choose electrolyte-rich foods. You will get more energy by eating cereal and toast, which are easy to digest.

    6: Try Ginger to Ease Nausea

    Nutritionists and doctors alike agree that ginger is one of the best natural remedies for soothing an upset stomach, which is often a hangover symptom.

    In addition to easing stomach pain, ginger contains chemical compounds that aid digestion. In a meta-analysis published in December 2019 in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, ginger was found to reduce vomiting and fatigue in chemotherapy patients by 60 percent.

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