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    Top 30 Best Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Sibling

     Rinda Angom

    To have a sibling is a blessing, a sibling is a friend, support, partner in crime, and growing together fighting for the silliest of things. Now that Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the special bonding you have nurtured over the years. If you are looking for gifts that can elevate the vibe of the celebration, here are the 30 best Raksha Bandhan Gift ideas:


    1) For the Techno-savvy sibling 

    • If your sibling is a fan of technology, then give a gift that can make his everyday life easy-peasy Airpods or wireless earphones- They are entangle-free making it more convenient to use. 
    • Foldable bluetooth keyboard- Your sibling can work from anywhere with this type of keyboard, connect to a tablet or phone and type desk-top style.
    • Let your sibling enjoy life with technology in full swing with smart home automation. You are smart too if you are staying together with your sibling, not only will you enjoy the comfort of using it but you won’t be fighting over switching off fans, lights, tv etc.

    2) For the Environment-friendly sibling

    • Sustainable gifts are the best gifts you can think of for planet lovers. Drinkware and bottles that are made with high-grade stainless steel are just perfect for gifting. They are rust-free, durable and safe for the environment. Get stylish insulated water bottles, best-insulated travel coffee mugs that are made with sustainable materials.
    • A solar-powered phone charger would help reduce energy consumption and so your sibling will definitely love it. 
    • Gift beautiful indoor plants like monstera, croton, rubber plant, bamboo plant etc. Your sibling will appreciate adding some greenery to the house.

    3) For the Cleanliness Freak sibling

    • If your sibling keeps cleaning the house and worries too much about dust. Gift Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. It has got HEPA filters that are designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles, effectively cleaning the air from small dust and allergens.
    • Dyson Air purifier is also another option as it claims to remove 99.95% of particles as small as PM 0.1, it projects and circulates purified air.
    • A Robot mopper will also save your sibling’s time. It will keep mopping on its own while you can take care of other work or just relax.

    4) For the Health-conscious  sibling

    • A smartwatch is a perfect gift for your health-conscious sibling, it will help keep a track of your sibling’s health. Also, make sure you buy the one with the music storage for listening while doing work out or running. 
    • A lot of us don’t have time to go to the gym due to busy schedules and because of the pandemic. A wall-mounted pull up bar can be the perfect equipment for your sibling to work out, it's great for arm toning, abs toning and overall body stretching.
    • Diet also plays a role in one’s health. Get a portable Nutri blender for your sibling for the pre-workout protein shake or a healthy smoothie.


    5) For the Fashionista sibling 

    • Being a fashionista, your sibling might be already choosy about clothes and won’t settle much with other’s choices. The safest gift is a clothing brand gift card so that your sibling can shop to satisfaction.
    • Every fashionista has loads and loads of clothes, a cloth rack trolley is a thoughtful gift to help sort out and organise clothes.
    • Dressing up is always incomplete without a nice smelling perfume. It’s time to gift a luxury perfume.


    6) For the sibling who is Active on Instagram

    • Nowadays smartphones take good pictures but photos taken on a DSLR Camera have better resolution and background compression. Your sibling deserves one to take better photos. 
    • Reels are popular on Instagram and Gimbal can help your sibling make good videos. Apart from stabilizing video, it can be also used as a tripod.
    • Good lighting gives good pictures, gift a LED ring light.


    7) For the Foodie sibling

    • Let’s not go with the usual barbeque machine for your sibling, let’s bring home a Korean style electric hotpot barbeque.
    • French fries are not just foodies’ favourite but almost everyone loves them. Gift an Air Fryer for a healthier option for your sibling.
    • A membership subscription for your sibling’s favourite restaurant or food app will never fail.


    8) For the Artistic sibling

    • Digital drawing has become really popular and an iPad is the perfect tool. Get one for your sibling to create magic with digital drawing.
    • Calligraphy is a beautiful art and I am sure your artistic sibling would love to have a calligraphy pen set.
    • A doodling notebook with a set of sharpies is also a great gift for any artist.


    9) For the Music Lover sibling

    • Gift a bluetooth karaoke mike for your music lover sibling to sing and practise favourite songs. 
    • What’s your sibling’s favourite musical instrument? It’s time you gift one.
    • A good quality bluetooth speaker will be a great gift too for your music lover sibling.


    10) For the Wanderlust sibling

    • Make your wanderlust sibling experience a better and relaxed air journey by gifting noise-cancelling headphones.
    • For travel lovers who are adventurous, Go-pro is the perfect gift. It is portable and literally can fit anywhere.
    • Backup portable power backup is a must for every traveller. Gift one that will last for hours and hours. Solar-powered ones are also a good choice.

    We hope these gift ideas will work magic in celebrating this lovely relationship of siblings. 

    Have a great bonding!

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