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    Thank You Mentors

     Rinda Angom

    We all have learnt different things at different point in our lives through people around us, be it our parents, our academic or professional teachers, even friends and peers. They have guided us in our tough times and difficult situations and shown us the right path. Some of them have touched our lives through their guidance and get inspiration to keep us going.

    To mark this great day of Teachers’ Day, we bring you a few successful people telling us about their mentors in life and the things they have learnt from them that have kept them moving forward or forever in motion.

    “I would like to thank all my mentors, they all have helped me.To all of you, thank you so much and happy Teachers’ Day.”

    Rajat Bhatia @rajatbhatia22, retired 1st class cricketer & Human biomechanics specialist-2 at Functional Pattern thanked all his mentors starting with his brother who helped him in starting playing cricket, Mr Uday Gupte, Mr Tarekh Singha who was his coach during school days, Mr Denise Lillee, Mr Shekhar who was the head coach of MRF Pace Foundation, Mr. Ajay Goswami, he says they all had helped him. He has also learnt from Sachin Tendulkar to stay grounded. He also thanks Naudi Aguilar, CEO of Functional Pattern where Rajat finished his biomechanics course. He thanked all of them for showing him the right path in his life.

    “I want to wish all my colleagues and peers a very very happy Teachers’ Day.”

    Karthik @karthiks.picturess is a photographer and a videographer based out of Bangalore, he says he is lucky enough to have not just one mentor but many. He considers all his colleagues and peers in his industry his mentors and says he has learnt a lot of valuable lessons from them. One of the biggest lessons that he has learnt that has kept him forever in motion is the fact that he has to be open to learning for the rest of his life. Since his industry is vast, he believes that there is so much knowledge to gain and skills to upgrade to and like to have the ability to keep an open mind to keep learning. He wishes all his colleagues and peers a happy Teachers’ Day.

     “ Happy Teachers’ Day mom and thank you for teaching me all I need to know to keep my life in motion.”

    Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa is a full-time health strategist and a blogger on Instagram @mommydiaries. She says her greatest mentor and teacher is her mom who has had the most impact on her life. What keeps her forever in motion is the strength, the grace that she got from her and hopes she has inherited it from her. She admires her mom’s ability to manage and juggle everything positively no matter what she’s been through.

    “I would like to thank my professor, the dean at the University of Sheffield who left a very lasting impression on me with his words”

    Vikram Karunakaram, Co-founder of Neev Energy LLP thanks his professor, Mr Arthur Biden in the University of Sheffield, UK where he did his MBA. He says he was his mentor there and left a very lasting impression on him with his words. The first thing his professor taught him was to always speak the truth then you don’t have to remember anything. The second thing is to be good to people when you are climbing up the ladder because it’s the same people you will be meeting on your way down. He says these two quotations have been the mantra for his life and keep him in motion.

    “I am always grateful to you Urmi, thank you very much and happy Teachers’ Day.”

    Ajita Seethepalli is a Baby Sleep Specialist,, she is also a parenting coach, women’s mental health coach and a Reiki practitioner. Taking the opportunity of the special occasion of Teachers’ Day, she thanks her meditation and healing teacher, Urmi Dutt who has helped shape her over the years. Urmi has introduced her to the power and process of healing and how to handle many roles juggling these days, being mother, being wife, daughter, working professional, everything done with as much grace and joy that can be imbibed in our lives. For Ajita, this is a very important skill and has used this regularly in her personal and professional life and for this, she will be always grateful to Urmi and wishes her a happy Teachers’ Day!

    All these successful people remember their mentors and teachers with so much fondness and respect and certainly have touched their lives to keep them in motion. We hope you enjoy reading these anecdotes and remember your mentors and teachers too. Just don’t forget to wish them, you know, we owe them a lot.

    Thank you to all the teachers and mentors, we are very much grateful to you!

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