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    Sustainable enterpise gifting

    Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Clients and Employees

    Giving gifts to clients and employees is a quick way to affirm important relationships. Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gesture like a small gift or a note of thanks. But what if that gift also helps you and your clients save the planet?

    What are Sustainable Corporate Gifts?


    Corporate gifts are presents given to those you are professionally associated with. Sustainable products are those that are made with biodegradable or recyclable materials or with renewable resources. Sustainable corporate gifts are a fantastic idea if you’re thinking about giving gifts to your partners, employees, or clients imbibing your company’s central values and ethics.


    Sustainability isn’t any more alien to us, it is becoming more and more popular as people start principally living with it. It ensures that we take over the responsibility we have for our planet, just the way it’s responsible for us.


    A sustainable corporate gift would speak three things on your behalf:


    1.   Gratitude to the employees
    2.   Gratitude to the environment
    3.   Spreading sustainability

    What makes a gift sustainable?


    The term sustainable doesn’t have a perfect definition as such. Anything that’s made keeping environment-friendliness in mind can be considered sustainable. So, broadly, gifts made from recycled or eco-friendly materials completely or are certified for sustainable industry standards can.


    What fits into your Corporate Gifting Criteria?


    Gifting is a special human culture, which means that you must give something that reflects you as an organization and suits the recipients’ needs, desires, or interests.


    However, planning what gift should be given is not an easy task. You may want to look at the following point:


    1.     Your gift should spread your company values
    2.     The gift should be personalized
    3.     It should be useful and something that the recipients can cherish and not regift
    4.     The gift must be good in quality

    10 Superb Ideas for Sustainable Corporate Gifting


    1.  Indoor Plants

      What is more sustainable or eco-friendly than a plant pot? Many companies have included plants in their gifting list as it reflects perfect values – the values of growth, sustainability, prosperity, and stability.

      Indoor plants can be kept at home or in your employees’ or clients’ office cabins/tables. They keep the environment fresh both literally and metaphorically.

    2. Sustainable Coffee Cups and Mugs

      Tea or coffee cups and mugs are some of the most used objects in an office. Tea and coffee are essentials and workers love enjoying their evening 10-minute break sipping steaming hot coffee or tea and relax. What makes it more special is knowing that the cups or mugs they’re using were made keeping sustainability in mind so they know that by using them, they’re also contributing to the environment. Moreover, adding a dash of personalization can make the gift even more special.

      You can look for some stainless steel or glass cups and mugs that are made using the least amount of plastic. Headway coffee mugs, for example, are made with food-grade stainless steel and silicone and is free of BPA and phthalates.

    3. Sustainable Water Bottles

      Gifting water bottles can express how much you care for your employees and clients. Staying hydrated is absolutely important and when you give an amazing and sustainable water bottle to your people, they know you want them to stay hydrated. Look for a good sipper and let them know you care.

    4.  Beeswax Candles

      Candles are beautiful. They signify light and illumination. If you’re confused about what to gift, you can always and always go with candles. Beeswax candles are sustainable and eco-friendly. They are also free from paraffin and other toxins.

    5. Sustainable Apparel

      Apparel such as t-shirts is one of the best corporate gifts. Besides, they can be made to be 100% sustainable and give enough space for branding and upping the cool quotient. You can think of some catchy and motivational quotes to be printed to keep your team moving ahead.

    6. Jute or Khadi Bags

      Tote bags are thoughtful and sustainable. One can use these bags to go grocery shopping, carry their daily stuff, or the lunch box. Plus, jute or khadi tote bags have also become trendy now, which means that they are rather classy and useful options.

      Adding to this, bags also have enough surface area where you can put on your brand’s logo and message and spread it to the world.

    7. Natural Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

      Music isn’t anything new. It equally appeals to all the generations that you could be working with – the youth, the older, or the middle-aged ones. Everyone loves music and uses one or another form of a speaker. Going by this, a natural bamboo speaker amplifier is a super sustainable and price-efficient gifting option that you can use. Not just that, they look perfectly classy and trendy too.

    8. Sustainable, Eco-friendly pen set

      Even with so much advancement in technology, the corporate world in India still runs largely on pen and paper. A good sustainable pen-set, maybe wooden, can simply and easily express your gratefulness to your employees and clients. We all love a good pen, after all. It makes the process seem a lot less tedious and a lot smoother.


    Gifts shower affection and bring the utmost joy. One doesn’t have to be a child to know how important and beautiful the concept of gifting is. All companies should keep the culture of corporate gifting alive along with incentives and bonuses. While incentives are performance-based, gifts are for all, which is why they’re special! Whatever the mood, gifts can bring a wave of cheer and motivation to the office and make it a lighter place.

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