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    Must visit- eclectic Museums in the world

    It’s a bizarre world we live in. From a man who holds the record for the longest tongue (10.10cm) to the Coffee Break festival of Wisconsin, the world surprises us with newer information every day. Therefore, when we found out about these peculiar museums around the world, we rushed to tell you about them!

    Headway Headway

    If you are like the majority of us and taking a walk through the history of mankind is what your Sundays look like, then you will love them. However, if you are like the few who do not enjoy museums (yes Dave, we are talking about you!), then you would definitely want to explore them.

    Let’s take a look at a few of the top ones on our list!

    Museum of Bad Art

    Do you love to create art but do not think you are good enough? Don’t get disheartened because some people think your work is worthy of being displayed in a museum. Located in Dedham, Massachusetts, this museum displays 600+ artworks that are considered ‘bad’.

    Museums in the world Museums in the world

    Museum of Broken Relationships

    If you have recently broken up with a partner, you are not alone. There are a million people, frequenting the museum, who feel your pain. This museum contains objects that belong to former partners or were significant in a relationship, along with a synopsis about them. Now you know what to do with the shoe your ex left behind. *wink, wink*

    Museums in the world Museums in the world

    Cupnoodles Museum

    This museum is a sanctuary for noodle lovers. Dedicated to the instant noodles of the world as well as the father of instant ramen Momofuku Ando, this museum features four levels worth of noodle display with an added section where visitors can create their favourite noodles.

    Museums in the world Museums in the world

    International Spy Museum

    I spy with my little eye on a museum that will let me live the fantasy of being Bond007. You heard that right! This museum allows enthusiasts to test their espionage skills through interactive digital activities. Located in Washington DC, this museum displays artefacts that were a part of the history of undercover work.

    The Dog Collar Museum

    Remember the Instagram reel where the pups choose their collars from the available colours? Nope, this museum has more options than that. Located in England, this museum displays the vast array of collars people have bought for their dogs over the centuries.

    Avanos Hair Museum

    It is exactly what it sounds like. This museum contains hair of varying colors and sizes, sourced from over 16,000 women. Located in a small town in Turkey, the museum has gained popularity over the years. It is frequented by many who want to witness its weirdness personally.

    Phallological Museum

    It’s not as dirty as you think. This museum in Iceland educates people about the anatomy and function of the male sex organ. It displays more than 215 penile parts of different species, from whales and walruses to fishes and ducks. Okay, that is a bit dirty!

    The Kunstkamera

    This Russian museum has an appealing but dark theme. From deformed fetuses of various species to multiple-headed animals, this museum satisfies human curiosity on a different level with the 2,000,000 items. The museum was established by Peter the Great and aims to impart knowledge of everything natural in the world.

    Museums in the world Museums in the world

    The Vampire Museum

    This is the only museum dedicated to vampires in the world. Not many people know about this place in Paris that features the enigmatic history of the city. Jacques Sirgent’s research on Vampires and other creatures from folklore is the inspiration behind this museum.

    Cancun Underwater Museum

    If you love scuba diving then you must visit this museum in Mexico. This museum has a collection of more than 500 sculptures submerged in the ocean at the Cancun National Marine Park. The museum is an initiative to direct the divers away from the coral reefs to preserve them.

    Now that we have given you a brand-new bucket list, where are you planning to go next?

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