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    Get Ready For Summer Holiday

    When we are caught up with the usual 9 to 5 job and becomes too exhausting, we all want to scream, “ I NEED A BREAK”. Yes, we can hear you scream right now. We all look forward to a great holiday trip to rejuvenate ourselves and the summer holidays are the best. You can make the most of the summer holidays as day time is much longer and can plan never-ending activities. 

    But hold on, deep down you are still unsure of travelling during these recent times of pandemic. Is it safe? Well, the place you plan to visit, the mode of transportation and the kind of activities you plan to do can be the deciding factors for a safe vacation. Maybe you can consider going to places where there is less spread of Covid-19 and choose activities that can help you maintain social distancing like hiking, hanging out at the beach, scuba diving, river rafting, camping etc. Thanks to Summer, you can enjoy most of these activities. Avoid crowded airports and just hit the road. And why not? road trips offer a lot more independence, be it having not to worry about cabin-sized baggage, planning & pre-booking flights or things you wish to take along with you.

    So, if you are in for a road trip, let’s get you ready with our list of essentials that will be required for your journey. The list may vary depending on personal preferences but these items will ensure having a memorable & safe journey with an awesome experience.


    Reusable Water Bottle


    It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey and reusable water bottles are must-haves. These bottles will help you maintain hydration and social distancing by avoiding many stops to buy water bottles. Nothing can be safer and best than having your reusable bottle filled with clean water from home and keep it at your preferred temperature.


    Headway got you some beautiful reusable insulated water bottles namely Oslo, Minsk, Hyde and Burell. They all mostly come in two sizes, 750ml and 550ml (600ml for Burell). The 750 ml ones are perfect for road trips for the amount of water they can hold. These bottles are equipped with triple-layer insulation for maintaining the water hot/cold for longer hours. They are designed in such a way that they are easy to carry and pour water conveniently. Their vacuum-sealed caps avoid spills that make the bottles an apt essential for travelling and your outdoor activities.


    Insulated Coffee Mugs


    Road trips require you to stay awake during the night or start early morning and you need your caffeine fix ready for it. What can be more satisfying than having a piping hot coffee in a mug just ready to be sipped? Headway Java Insulated Mugs are just made for that. It will keep your caffeine fix hot for longer hours and will be helpful even when you don’t want to have it at a go. You will also avoid stopping by at cafes. 


    Food Storage Containers 


    Get a lot of snacks for the journey, it will keep energised during your journey. Make sure you carry food containers that will not spoil your food for long hours. Avoid carrying single-use packaged food, it’s not good for you or the environment. 


    Music Lists Ready


    Road trips are incomplete without music. Get your music list ready for the drive. You sure don’t want to get stuck with bad music on an exciting trip or having to change the music whenever you listen to a radio.




    When you drive miles and miles, your phone may run out of battery, which could be a nightmare. You will be capturing all the beautiful sights and moments with your camera. Ensure you have the battery back up for all equipment, get your power bank fully charged to last your journey.


    Hand Sanitizer & Toilet Paper


    You will get less chance of washing your hands during your trip as you are also avoiding your stops. Always be prepared with hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes. The antibacterial wipes are handy to wipe off surfaces or your hands to avoid germs. Get few toilet rolls too you never know you might get into emergencies.


    Trash & Recycling Bags


    “Don’t be a litterbug”- you are already familiar with this liner but do we take it seriously? We should be. Litter has grave effects on the environment as well as on all living beings. A lot of people ignore this fact and there are plastic bags, bottles, packages scattered around. Always carry a trash bag when you are travelling in a vehicle, hanging out at the beach or hiking on a mountain. Collect your trash and ensure to dispose it at the right place.


    First-Aid Kit


    Always keep a first aid kit with basic necessities, like bandages, antiseptic liquid and other basic medicines. God forbid and we wish you won’t have to use it but always be prepared. You may even have the chance to help somebody else.


    Car Tool Kit


    Driving long distance can wear out your car and so you will need tools for a quick fix if it breaks down on the way. Also, get your vehicle checked at the service centre before your journey to avoid possible break downs.


    Important Documents


    Get all your necessary documents like your ID proof, car documents and most importantly your Covid-free proof medical certificate. Most places have strict regulations for Covid and they demand proof that you are not infected. You sure don’t want to head back home before setting foot at your destination.


    The above checklists are must-haves, you may add more to it according to your requirements and you are good to go. Make the most of your summer vacation and when it’s accompanied by a road trip, it’s cherry on top. Nothing beats a good road trip and you may stumble upon beautiful moments and stops. Just be prepped up with the essentials and you are all set to have an awesome summer vacay!

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