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    Disturbed sleep? Poor gut health could be the reason. Here are the signs.

    There are several factors why we frequently have trouble falling asleep, like being stressed, unhappy, restless, or binge-watching the newest television series. Additionally, there are those worrying thoughts that inevitably come to mind around nighttime.

    Yes, they are the obvious factors that we are all familiar with, but what happens if our bodies are also experiencing other factors that we are unable to totally manage? Our stomach system is the most recent sleep disruptive factor to be added to the checklist. So, have you ever gone to bed anticipating a restful night's slumber only to awaken to an unsettled tummy?

    Woman in bed holding her stomach in agony Woman in bed holding her stomach in agony

    Before going straight to the signs that make it certain that it is your poor gut health that disturbs your sleep, let’s make sure that everyone is clear about what gut health means.

    Diagram of the digestive system

    What is Gut Health?

    Gut health refers to the condition of the overall gastrointestinal system, which includes the organs in our bodies that break down food into the various nutrients our systems need to function, from the oesophagus (food pipe) to the intestine (stomach). Several colonies of microbes work in the stomach to break down food into more consumable forms. Each area of the stomach has a specific function.

    The signs of disturbed sleep due to poor gut health:

    Man sitting on his bed in pain due to a stomach ache.

    Burning Sensation in your Chest or Upper Abdomen

    Heartburn (acid reflux) is an irritation or agony that is brought on by gastric acid entering the canal that transports food from your mouth to your intestine (oesophagus). A burning feeling in the chest which may affect the upper stomach is a classic heartburn symptom. This usually happens after feasting, when lying down or while bending over.

    A man is having a hard time passing stool which is making him really stressed.


    You may experience constipation if you have fewer than three bowel movements per week, faeces that are stiff, dry, or irregular, faeces that are unpleasant or problematic to release, or faeces that leave you with the impression that some waste is still in your system. Generally, you can take action to avoid or treat constipation. Not having a clear stomach can definitely disturb your sweet goodnight sleep.

    Image of a person’s digestive tract demonstrating the effects of gas in the stomach.


    Your gastrointestinal tract producing gas is a typical aspect of the digesting cycle. It's also typical to pass extra gas, either through burping or passing gas. If gas is caught or does not go smoothly via your gastrointestinal tract, it may cause discomfort. Consuming meals that are particularly prone to causing gas can result in an elevation in gas or gas discomfort. Frequently, uncomfortable gas can be reduced by making relatively easy dietary modifications.

    A emoji is puking due to nausea.


    Nausea is a feeling of sickness and the desire to puke. The urge to puke the components of the gut can be prompted by nausea. The disorder can frequently be avoided and has a wide range of reasons. Numerous factors can trigger nausea. Some individuals have heightened sensitivity to sounds, smells, tastes, drugs, and the impacts of specific health disorders. These are all possible sources of nausea.


    To maintain our gut performing at its best, we ought to follow some principles if we wish to lead a healthy lifestyle and have good sleep.

    Food is considerably more than just a basic requirement. We can select educated decisions about what we consume for our bodies and during what times of the day because, while we cannot survive without it, we can thrive without some sort of food. Admittedly, sticking to a reliable diet that includes additional plant-based meals and fewer late-night snacks will make it substantially smoother to maintain a nutritious lifestyle that can accommodate your digestive demands.

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