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    Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it

    In the past, when women's roles were mostly at home, males predominated in the workplace. This led to the creation of unstated norms and regulations that determined who was successful and who wasn't; values that still have an impact on the workplace environment we currently encounter, where the males control the game and the chips.

    Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it

    Women are rarely if ever, represented at the top of the organisational structure in male clubs. They might not be included in office or corporate procedures, and their ideas and viewpoints might be disregarded. They might even be turned over for bonuses and advancements. Yes, this boys’ club culture still exists to this day. So, how do we fix it? Here are a few tips to navigate through the boys’ club culture.

    Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it

    Inform your colleagues, bosses, and other important individuals about the problem.

    Contrary to obvious, risky workplace vulnerabilities, toxic bro culture may be so pervasive at your job that virtually no one pays any attention to it. Begin by pointing out toxic bro behaviour whenever you notice it, whether it's demanding a female colleague to explain herself after being stopped or challenging a man to explain the humour in his sexist remark. If doing so in front of others makes you awkward, speak confidentially with your boss or HR about your worries.

    Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it

    Approach your male acquaintances.

    Many employees at the workplace may suffer from a toxic boys' club culture, but male sympathisers may use their advantages to help change this environment. Discuss the actions you both have observed that lead to toxic male culture if you have a male colleague whom you can trust. Then, figure out how your male teammate may assist you in pointing out and correcting this conduct. For instance, a male ally might bring up locker room chatter in a meeting that is exclusively for men or openly acknowledge and applaud a female colleague's efforts on a task.

    Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it

    Remove yourself from the situation.

    The destructive boys' club culture is prevalent and challenging to combat. Fighting it can be difficult, psychologically exhausting, and even frightening; you don't have to do it alone. If you've previously attempted to address your problems and nothing has improved, it might be time to go elsewhere. Once you've found employment elsewhere, give the workplace environment an honest assessment.

    Boys' club culture still exists; here are a few tips to navigate through it

    Promote Originality.

    Most women believe that wanting to join the boys' club is preferable instead of being rejected. Even if this can be the simpler choice, it's not always the best. Social organisations, unions, and other structures that prohibit women’s opinions and ideas in the workplace support the boys' club. Being authentic in a setting that doesn’t usually accept you, will shift the game. Preserve your competence without sacrificing the beliefs, principles, and interests that define you as “YOU”. The next time you hesitate to speak out about a crucial matter at work, keep in mind that your suggestions might be useful to create a revolutionary culture that values both men and women equally.


    The obsolete boys' club structure undervalues the contributions that women make to the workplace. There are steps you may take to get rid of this ancient system, but it won't alter immediately. Ask those challenging questions, encourage other women, and be loyal to who you are. These easy actions will ultimately assist to build a more welcoming, gender-balanced workplace atmosphere, in addition to helping to recruit a more varied talent pool.

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