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    5 Easy Steps to Travel Sustainably on Summer Vacations

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    Summer vacations are the perfect time to unwind, explore new destinations, and create lasting memories. But it’s very important to remember to travel sustainably.

    The worst thing that we can do as travellers is to leave a place dirtier than when we found it. It’s basic courtesy, right? If we like something, we need to consciously preserve its sanctity.

    But how can you travel sustainably on your summer vacation? Let’s find out!

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    1. Choose eco-friendly accommodation

    When selecting your accommodation, opt for eco-friendly options that prioritise sustainability. Look for hotels or resorts that have implemented energy-saving practices, water conservation measures, and waste management systems. Consider staying in eco-lodges or home stays that promote local culture and minimise their environmental impact.

    Another option is to explore community-based tourism initiatives that empower local communities and protect the natural environment. This can also be a fantastic option to take a deep dive and explore different cultures.

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    2. Pack reusable drinkware

    Bring your own stainless steel drinkware, such as tumblers or water bottles, to avoid using disposable cups or plastic bottles. This not only reduces waste but also helps to preserve the beauty of the destinations you visit.

    Fill up your drinkware with refreshing drinks at your accommodation before heading out for the day, ensuring you stay hydrated without relying on single-use plastic bottles.

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    3. Embrace sustainable transportation

    Consider sustainable transportation options when traveling within your destination. Instead of relying solely on private vehicles, explore public transportation systems, carpooling, or cycling where possible. In some destinations, walking or using electric scooters can be a great way to discover the local charm while reducing carbon emissions.

    Apart from that, you can even opt for a car rental company that provides hybrid or electric vehicles.

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    4. Respect nature and local communities

    When venturing into nature, whether it's hiking in the mountains or relaxing on a pristine beach, it's crucial to respect the environment and local communities. Follow designated trails, avoid littering, and dispose of waste responsibly.

    Engage with local communities respectfully, support local businesses, and learn about their culture and traditions. By being mindful and considerate, you contribute to the preservation of natural habitats and the well-being of local communities.

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    5. Pack light and sustainable

    Packing light not only makes your travel experience more convenient but also reduces your carbon footprint. Pack only what you need, focusing on versatile and sustainable clothing options.

    Choose lightweight and eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton or bamboo, which have a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic fabrics. Avoid single-use toiletries by opting for refillable travel-sized containers or solid toiletries. Use eco-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the oceans.

    That brings us to the end of our list. By following these five easy steps, you can enjoy a sustainable summer vacation in India while minimising your impact on the environment. Together, let's travel responsibly and protect our planet for generations to come!

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