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    Six Sensational Summer Coctail Recipes

    Cocktail recipes his way from the not so alcoholic 50-something year old who loves to get people tipsy. 


    Because of the pandemic, most of us choose to stay indoors during weekends when we need some chilling at the bars and restaurants. We are scared, aren’t we? But don’t get bogged down ‘cuz we got you some curated easy cocktail recipes from @theoldfashionedmonk for your summer weekends. Get your Java Mug and get ready!

     1)CHI CHI

    For all the people who love vodka over the rum but love Pina Colada


    • vodka 60 ml
    • Coconut cream 30 ml
    • Pineapple juice 90 ml

    Pour 60 ml of vodka in Java (600ML), add 30 ml of coconut cream and 90ml of pineapple juice. Put a little ice, cover the lid and give it a good shake. Take a glass filled with ice, pour the mixture into it and finally garnish with a slice of pineapple.


    The perfect balance of cucumber and mint


    • Cucumber slices 5-6
    • Mint leaves 8

    • Gin 45 ml

    • Simple syrup15 ml

    • Lime juice 15 ml

     Put 5-6 slices of cucumber, 8 mint leaves in Java (600ml) and muddle well. Add 15 ml of lime juice, 15 ml of simple syrup and 45 ml of gin. Add ice, cover the lid and shake well. Place cucumber slices frozen in an ice cube in your drink glass, double strain the mixture into the glass. 


    Another popular cocktail from the 80s


    • Vodka 60 ml
    • Cranberry juice 90 ml
    • Lime juice

    Put 60 ml of vodka in Java (600 ml), add 90 ml of cranberry juice and ice, cover lid. Shake well and pour it into a glass filled with ice. Squeeze a lime wedge and garnish with a lime slice.


    A cocktail created in 1965 in Tequila, Mexico at La Capella Restaurant


    • Tequila 45 ml
    • Lime juice 15 ml

    • Coke

     Salt rimmed your steel Java (600 ml) and put ice, pour 45 ml of tequila and 15 ml of lime juice into it. Pour in coke, give it a little stir and garnish with a lime wheel. 


    A classic cocktail from Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930


    • Dry vermouth 30 ml
    • Sweet vermouth 60 ml
    • Maraschino liqueur 5 ml
    • Orange bitters 3-4 dashes

    Take a Java (600 ml). Put 30 ml of dry vermouth, 60 ml of sweet vermouth, 5 ml maraschino liqueur in it. Add 3-4 dashes of orange bitters and ice. Give it a good stir. Strained the mixture into a glass fill with ice and garnish it with an orange peel


    An amazing cocktail with strawberry


    • Gin 60 ml
    • Blue pea flowers 4-5

    • Soda 30-45 ml

    • Lemon juice 30 ml

    • Simple syrup 22.5 ml

    Infuse 60 ml gin with blue pea flowers in a glass. Take Java (600 ml) and muddle 3-4 strawberries with 30 ml lemon juice, add simple syrup 22.5 ml and ice, cover lid and give it a good shake. Take a glass filled with ice, pour the mixture into it, pour 30-45 ml of soda water and pour the infused gin with blue pea flowers on top. Garnish with a strawberry.

    Enjoy & Cheers!

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