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    Price efficient promotional gifts

    10 Price Efficient Promotional Gift Ideas for Corporates

    One cannot stress enough on how important promotional gifts for corporates are. They increase the brand’s value, spread your word with your ‘carriers’, silently promote your business, and keep your employees and clients happy. The only thing that you need to take care of then is to remember your budget. Just because corporate gifting is going to bring you more business, you still need to put a price cap. 

    We have curated a list of price-efficient promotional, corporate gift ideas for you to keep your options open. 

    • Tea Cups and Coffee Mugs

      What is corporate life without tea or coffee? Wouldn’t you just sleep after having lunch! Most of us certainly would. So we know how important coffee mugs and teacups are in any office. Having a promotional cup or mug for the office is a great idea to keep uniformity and branding all in one place. Your office gets a signature, and the clients get to know your existence. Moreover, when you give these beasts as gifts to your clients or employees, they use them and tell others how special it is for them.

    • Customized Water Bottles

      Water bottles aren’t something companies focus on branding, but many businesses have already started using water bottles as promotional gifts. Bottles are something that is unexceptionally (read exceptionally because we don’t live in the ideal world) carried by everyone in their bags or hands. Gift your clients or employees a cool water bottle with triple insulation technology, such as Headway and let it do its magic for you.

    • Hand Sanitizers

      This might not strike your head at all while thinking of promotional gifts, but these little bottles are now carried by everyone in their pockets.

      Given the times and age of COVID-19 that we’re living in, hand sanitizer isn’t anymore just a thing, it’s a necessity. And anything necessary can be presented as a gift since it is useful. Therefore, a sanitizer is an excellent idea for corporate or promotional gifting as it is thoughtful, useful, and can be personalized.

      Gifting a hand sanitizer, you show that you care about your clients or employees. You could get personalized/customized bottles made on order from a reputed and legitimate sanitizer firm and maybe pair it up with a mini moisturizer.

    • Coaster

      Coasters can be made out of anything! You name a material and you got it - plastic, foam, brass, wooden, rubber steel, silicone, metal, cork, acrylic, ceramic, leather, or even cardboard, in any shape and size. But we prefer if you only go with sustainable options as stainless steel, wood, or cardboard.

      The reason that coasters make for a perfect price-efficient promotional gift is that their requirements are ever high everywhere.

      You can choose the type of coasters best suited for your company’s needs, budget, policy, and values depending on the budget, amount, artwork, and brand.

    • Promotional Pens

      Always have and will always be - promotional pens are considered as one of the best promotional corporate gifts you can give.  Pens are cheap, effective, and tactful and are a fundamental part of our lives. What would corporate life be without these handsome hunks!

      Despite being small, pens play a substantial role in branding and communicating vital information to consumers. When a consumer or client uses a pen with your brand, you get a higher chance of sticking it in their heads for a long period.

      Moreover, the very nature of pens is to keep moving from the hands of one person to another over the course of their usable lifetime, which produces an effect of the magnitude of word of mouth, which is still the most reliable form of promotions.

    • T-shirts and hoods

      At least  30% of the total corporate gifts market is apparel, majorly T-shirts. Heavily customizable and carrying an extra cool quotient, promotional t-shirts can be tailor-made to reflect your company’s vision, mission, and values by designing it thoughtfully and strategically. Giving away t-shirts is a great idea, but try not to make it too much about the brand as that would make your clients or employees not wanting to wear them. Keep ‘em cool; keep ‘em classy.

    • Calendar

      Calendars have always been of substantial use no matter which industries you’re dealing with and it will expand your brand reach by displaying your business name, logo, etc. to the customer. Think about the number of times an average person consults their desk or wall calendar in a day (I do it all the time hoping to come closer to the holidays!). Each glance equals another time the customer will think of your organization (voila!).

    • Sustainable Tote Bags

      Because sustainable things are going to be fashionable very soon. This means that if you add sustainable tote bags to your promotional gifts list, you’ll definitely be considered elegant by your clients and employees. Besides, they are price-efficient and superbly useful (can be used for shopping or carrying stuff). The best thing about bags is that people, as in we, generally don’t care enough about the branding on them - you need it, you will use it. So the branding can be made prominent, although not so prominent that it loses the ‘elegant’ tag. Whatever, try to make it look cool while still within the budget.

    • Scented Candles

      Scents and candles are a beautiful combination for price-efficient gifting… they stimulate all of your senses at once and bring you peace. It is therefore that they have such a huge market now. Nevertheless, gifting a scented candle should definitely be on your list as they promote mental well-being and positivity. They come in different shapes and sizes and qualities and fragrances, and can therefore be customized to a huge extent. Moreover, they have enough surface area on them to have proper branding.

      The last thing though, the sense of smell is strongly related to memory, people can actually start associating with you due to this special gift!

    • Personalized Notepad

      A tech geek too requires a notepad to take down quick notes, jot down the minutes of meeting, or scribble while in a boring session. A personalized notepad makes a graceful, classic promotional corporate gift as it fits into the useful category, is cheap, and can afford proper branding. When it is paper, you know how much one would want to write.  

    End Note

    Gifting is important, but what to gift is even more important. Give away what is useful to the recipient, not what is useless to you. Promotional gifting keeps everyone happy; after all, they are direct promotions. 



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