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    Corporate gifting for employees and clients

    Corporate Gifting for Employees, Clients, and Partners

    Because why not! Who doesn’t like gifts, after all? Err… There’s just nobody. Gifting is a timeless custom to show our acquaintances, friends, family, or others that we are grateful for them or that we respect or love them. The cherry on top is that the custom isn’t localized, it’s everywhere; people at different places have different ways of responding to gifts, though.

    What I personally find enticing about gifts is the suspense - what is it, will it be useful to me, or is it something that I have been wanting for long? The best part of the gifting process is unwrapping! Clearly, gifts are crucial to human civilization as it keeps us closer to our loved ones, and also make a way to opening new friendships.

    When it is such a pleasant thing to do, why not extend a hand to your clients and employees?

    Why Corporate Gifting is Important?

    1. Gifting clients can give you an edge over your rivals

      It happens in more than one way. Gifting clients increases their inclination to work with you. You keep your clients happy and they tend to become more inclined towards taking it higher with you and prefer you over your rivals. This in no way means that a poor product can be compensated for by giving gifts but it sure gives you an edge over your competitors.

    2.  Corporate gifting can make your employees more productive and loyal

      From my experience, I would say that employees are generally not happy. There’s always one thing or the other that pisses them off. However, if you start treating them well and start giving them gifts, not only can it prolong their stay at your company, but also make them more productive and loyal. ‘Happy employees = Productive employees’ is not a myth. You know it.

    3.  Corporate gifting can promote your brand

      When you give something that can be carried to places, like a notebook, pen, water bottle, or coffee mug, it travels and spreads your word. Your clients or employees, if it’s good enough, carry their gifts everywhere they go and bring your brand up in talks with their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, increasing your outreach. The best thing? You don’t need a promotional campaign, just a thoughtful gifting strategy that impresses one and all.

    4. Giving gifts can make YOU happy

      Nothing in this whole big world is more important than your peace of mind. Giving gifts is the best language of saying ‘thank you’ and the excitement before presenting the gift is irreplaceable. We enjoy giving gifts as much as we prefer receiving them. And honestly, it does make a huge difference to how your employees or clients look at you upon being presented gifts. You become more happy and satisfied as you know that you’re doing your best to keep them content.

    5. Corporate gifting increases the chances of your prospective customers converting

      When a popular brand gives you free discount coupons, you become more likely to choose them over another one. When a shopkeeper gives you a gift with your shopping, you would rather shop from him than from someone offering nothing. It’s a human concept and human psychology. We are automatically and inherently biased to those who give us gifts. Maybe the next time someone gives you a gift, try thinking about their motive behind it before accepting it!

    How to choose corporate gifts for your clients and employees?

    It is practically and technically a way of expanding business and making your employees happier about working with and for you. Most certainly, what you decide to gift your clients and employees should be properly planned and strategized to fit your company’s policies, values, vision, and mission. The gift should reflect your organization’s morals and ethics and simultaneously be of use to whosoever you give it to.

    What not to do while planning your Corporate Gifts

    Don’t overdo the promotion

    Promotion is one reason you want to give gifts to your clients, employees, and partners, but it is not the sole purpose. You need to be appropriate with it by not placing your brand’s logo where it is not relevant. Also, the size of the logo shouldn’t be too big or your people won’t even want to take it anywhere, let alone use it. Overdoing promotions will also make them think that the gift isn’t for them but only for promoting.

    Don’t compromise on the quality

    Quality is one thing that can make your gift outstanding. No matter how much your budget, don’t let the quality be affected. You could be just buying a pen, but ensure that it’s the best in its category.

    Don’t hide your values

    Sustainability is not the norm yet but it is right around the corner. Charity begins at home, if sustainability is a part of your company’s values, you should think of a gift that’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic as well. Further, it should reflect that you care for them so it must be professional, thoughtful, and useful.

    Try and personalize the gifts 


    Personalization is priceless. Giving a touch of personalization to each gift, even if you’re giving the same thing to each of your employees, maybe only mentioning their individual names can make a huge difference to their feeling. They might not exactly understand your purpose behind giving the gift, but adding a personal touch can make them love it.


    Some Awesome Corporate Gift Ideas


    Primarily, you must take hints from your partners, clients, and employees. You know what’s going to be the most useful for them collectively and individually because you can’t be getting different gifts for each of them. So, something that would work for all:


    • Sustainable and thermostatic coffee mug or tea cup
    • Sustainable water Bottles
    • Coasters
    • Gift coupons or vouchers
    • Apparel
    • Pen and notepad
    • Schedule calendar
    • Coffee shaker
    • Personalized tote bag
    • Indoor plants


    At the end, the only thing that matters is that gifts are supposed to make us happy.

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